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Our Working Principles

Human Resource is our most important capital, service mantality is our employees’ philosophical core.  David People employees, respectively carry values with service mentality and are ready for our quality products presentations by always improving themselves.

We are thinking to spread our DAVID PEOPLE CULTURE in a true way, by training our employees selected by our crew from human resources department. By giving iner training  we contribute the sector trained staff. With our courses from our body of ‘’BARISTA ACADEMY’’, we are continue to serve our courses to our staff and other volunteers who participate from the outside of our staff from our sector.

We Are Waiting You Aboard!

If one day you wish to be an employee in David People it means that a good career is waiting for you. Beacuse David People is continuing to grow up emphatically and with strong steps day by day! Come on, make an enjoyable start to your career. Your first step will be to fill in the following form completely!

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